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Zija’s is expanding with a new division of Essential Oils called Améo!


AMÉO Essential Oils

Zija is constantly searching for the greatest that nature has to offer. We recognize the significance of living a healthy and active lifestyle as well as using natural products to eradicate everyday problems. While our core nutritional products have revolutionized the health and wellness world, we’re taking it to a whole new level—one drop at a time—with Améo Essential Oils.

We set out to create a product line that will help you continue to feel your best, look your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to enjoy your life; this new life begins with the numerous benefits of using Améo Essential Oils. Because these luxuriously pure products are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, we’re proud to share them with you and those you care about.

Currently there is no organization that “qualifies” an essential oil to be “therapeutic” or “certified therapeutic.” These are simple marketing terms to differentiate one company’s product from another. Zija has been working diligently to better understand what would constitute a pure, safe, and medicinal-grade essential oil for the Améo Essential Oils.

Through the strategic partnerships with a Harvard educated Medical Research PhD and a biotechnology company, our new essential oil division has secured access to the highest grade of essential oils. The same standard of oils that are used in research studies by universities, hospitals, and clinics. Zija has taken these oils and built individual profiles that establish a clinical grade benchmark. To date, no other essential oil company has had the ability, the desire, or the resources to clinically and scientifically validate that their oils meet the highest standards. We are proud to announce that we can now confidently verify that our essential oils will meet a “clinical grade” standard.

As of September 25th, 2014, a New Industry Leader in the First Clinical Grade Essential Oils launched for the USA called Améo Essential Oils.

Améo, the First Clinical Grade Essential Oil company in the USA. The term Therapeutic grade was set up by the perfume industry, with no science supporting it. With Améo Essential Oils, Clinical grade has to be supported by the strictest and highest standards accepted worldwide by the essential oil & aromatherapy community of Physicians and Scientists.

Dr. Plant explains the testing Améo Essential Oils go thru for Clinical Grade

Améo Essential Oils – Clinical Grade, How are we different?

GCMS is an instrument used to decipher the constituent profile of complex mixtures. This is used by all essential oil companies to analyze the component profile of the oils they receive. Unfortunately GCMS is only as good as the reference library in which you compare your data too.

After researching many scientific databases of published articles of essential oils, Améo has identified the papers that show the greatest benefits in the application of each type of oil. Using this data, Améo has created a revolutionary essential oil GCMS library. This library is assembled not from the knowledge of a single individual or institution, but rather is assembled from the scientific community as a whole. We have labeled this reference library “clinical grade” because it was assembled from the oils that were used in numerous published scientific studies.  This revolutionary tool allows us to obtain unbiased references because it comes from a truly independent community. Though the clinical grade reference library is exclusive to Améo Essential Oils we insure independent validation by using third party labs to analyze and compare our results to. This means that each time someone buys essential oils under the Améo Essential Oil brand, they can feel confident they are buying and using an essential oil that was prepared to a scientifically, comprehensive reference library and not simply the opinion of a single institution or organization.

The Améo Difference


Dr. Plant shows how Améo Essential Oils are Cell Active & Permeable


Améo is being Endorsed by World leaders in Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, who are piers and renown in their fields. Dr Daniel Pénoël, MD (France, he’s been using Clinical grade essential oils in his medical practice for 40 yrs. He teaches aromatherapists around the world), Dr Joshua Plant PhD (Harvard Medical BioScience, graduated 8 yr program in 4 yrs & #1 in his Graduation class), Jane Buckle, PhD, RN, and Shirley Price (Shirley Price School of Aromatherapy & well respected author), Kurt Schnaubelt, Julia Lawless, Valerie Ann Worwood, Marcel Lavabre. These world renown men & women understand essential oils and have authored many books along with teaching around the world.

Améo Essential Oils isn’t about one man or one companies opinion, it’s about clinical studies & research. Before now, you could only get clinical grade from France. When a company boasts of oil being used in research, it’s not the therapeutic grade available up until now, it was always the clinical grade of that oil.
Zija International is the parent company of the Améo Essential Oil Division. Zija invested over $10 Million dollars to the development of the purest, strictest standards followed to ensure a certified Clinical grade oil. Zija is a debt free company and financially sound.

 The Améo Essential Oil line – Welcome to Améo 


One of the things that helps set Zija’s Améo essential oils apart from other companies is the amount of testing we put our oils through to make sure they are pure essential oils.

The Améo products and business opportunity have revolutionized the health and wellness world and changed the way people look at taking care of mind, body and soul. All Améo Essential Oils are CERTI-5TM validated, meaning that they’ve passed extensive testing for quality, purity, and usability. We also take additional steps to make sure that each oil is cell active and permeable for maximum results and is the same or better quality than oils used in clinical testing.


Améo 5-step Commitment to Quality and Purity

1. Améo sourcing best practices – the highest quality of validated botanicals, eco-friendly farms and farming practices, ideal locations, paramount distillation techniques

2. Améo validation best practices – all industry-standard tests plus Clinical-Grade Validation testing and Cell Activity and Permeability testing.

3. Améo delivery best practices – pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities, scientifically advanced equipment, naturally preserving oils, oils are carefully filtered, filled, capped and sealed.

4. The Améo Scientific Advisory board – made up of industry leading researchers, doctors, scientists, essential oil experts, and more to ensure product quality.

5. The Améo difference – instant access to an online library that showcases details and highlights tests performed on your specific Améo essential oil at ameodifference.com You can type in these batch numbers to see the actual tests including the cell permeable video of each bottle of essential oils.
Frankincense #34254 | Peppermint #34222 | True Lavender #34266  |  Lemon #34256 | ProShield #34261

When we state that Zija’s Améo essential oils are 100% pure, you can be assured that they are 100% pure … not 51%, not 75%, not 99% pure. 100% pure.

TRUE purity. TRUE quality. Améo!



Recommended Summer Essentials

With the support of Améo Essential oils, summer can be a time for you to confidently enjoy the breezy sun-kissed look, show off your summer tan, and confidently, naturally use the gifts of Mother Earth to deal with the things that bug you, burn you, bruise you … or just plain wear you out! Please read each Améo Essential oils description to find the right one for you.

Recommended Oils:

  • Cypress
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Ylang Ylang Complete coldnflu

Recommended Winter Essentials

Boost your immune system with Améo Essential oils.  When it’s that time of year for the cold and flu season, don’t forget to have a couple of these essential oils in your home. Please read each Améo Essential oils description to find the right one for you.

Recommended oils:

  • Balsam Fir
  • Myrtle
  • Spruce
  • Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Ginger
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense



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Améo manufactures and sells high-quality essential oils worldwide through our global family of Independent Distributors. Individuals use Améo’s products in their everyday lives to achieve improved health and wellness. All Améo products are designed and distributed with a purpose; each and every one is also the results of years of scientific research and development.

Our Team was established in 2009 long before the Améo Essential Oil Division came about. With years of experience with Zija and the Company we are here to help you build a strong Améo Business.

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