How can I earn Zija Products for Free?


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So you like the Zija products?  And you want to earn them for free?


The Zija Rewards Program is a simple way to compensate individuals for purchasing Zija products on a regular basis!

All Zija products that have Volume also have a Zija Rewards Point percentage (%) value; that value is based on how regularly the customer purchases Zija products.

All types of Zija Customers (Distributors, Retail Customers, Wholesale Members, etc.) are eligible to earn Zija Rewards Points. These points will accumulate and can be used to purchase most Zija products that have Volume attached to them.

One (1) Zija Rewards Point is redeemable for one (1) “Volume” of product. The point percentage value earned is based on the following table, which looks at how many consecutive months the customer has purchased at least 40 or 75 Personal Volume (PV)—depending on his or her country’s PV minimum.


5% for all orders

An additional 5% if the order is an AutoShip (10% total)


10% for all orders

An additional 5% if the order is an AutoShip (15% total)


15% for all orders

An additional 5% if the order is an AutoShip (20% total)


20% for all orders

An additional 5% if the order is an AutoShip (25% total)

The longer you’ve been a loyal Zija customer, the faster you’ll be able to earn free products! You can check your Zija Rewards Points balance at any time in your MyZija Back Office.

In order to jump-start your Zija Rewards Points and rise to a higher percentage bracket, new Zija Distributors/Wholesale Members/Customers can take advantage of the following Zija Rewards Buy-In Bonuses:

• Enroll with 150-249 PV = Start at 10% (Jump to Month 4)
• Enroll with 250-499 PV = Start at 15% (Jump to Month 8)
• Enroll with 500+ PV = Start at 20% (Jump to Month 13)

• Enroll with 250-499 PV = Start at 10% (Jump to month 4)
• Enroll with 500-999 PV = Start at 15% (Jump to Month 8)
• Enroll with 1000+ PV = Start at 20% (Jump to Month 13)


  • The Zija Reward Program is available worldwide.
  • Most—but not all—Zija products that have Volume associated to them will be made available for purchase with Zija Rewards Points. Products available for purchase/redemption with Zija Rewards Points are subject to availability and are subject to change at any time.
  • If at least one (1) month of consecutive 40 PV or 75 PV minimum purchases is missed (depending on the country), the Zija Rewards Program percentage for that customer resets to month one (1)—or 5%—and he or she must earn back his or her higher spot with future consecutive months of qualifying PV.
  • If the customer has at least six (6) consecutive months of less than 40 PV or 75 PV per month (depending on the country), all of his or her Zija Rewards Points will be lost.
  • Zija Rewards Points expire 13 months (400 days) after they are earned. To check any upcoming expiration dates of your points, refer to you MyZija Back Office.
  • Volume from product(s) purchased with Zija Rewards Points will not count toward Activity requirements, Rank Volume, or Commissionable Volume.
  • In order to redeem accumulated Zija Rewards Points for products, you must have a minimum of 40 PV or 75 PV (depending on the country) in the previous month or in the current month.
  • If an account is terminated, all Zija Rewards Points will be lost.
  • An individual must have a minimum of 25 Zija Rewards Points in his or her account, and have been with Zija at least 60 days,before his or her points can be used.
  • Zija Rewards Points cannot be combined with currency (e.g. dollars) toward the purchase of any product; sufficient Zija Rewards Points must be available in order to purchase the desired product(s) and no partial Zija Rewards Points purchases will be permitted.
  • Products purchased completely with Zija Rewards Points may be combined with separate products purchased completely with currency if they are part of the same order. (e.g. I purchase one bottle of Zija Oil using Zija Rewards Points and one case of SmartMix using US dollars; I may choose to combine them into one order to save money on shipping and handling).
  • Zija Rewards Points carry no cash value and cannot be used to pay shipping and handling fees, taxes, or any other fees (e.g. customs).
  • Zija Rewards Points carry no Volume or cash redemption value and are non-transferrable.
  • Regular shipping fees apply to products purchased with Zija Rewards Points.
  • Products purchased as part of the Zija Rewards Program cannot be re-sold.
  • The maximum amount of Zija Rewards Points that can be redeemed each month is 250.
  • Zija Rewards Points redeemed online have no associated redemption fee; otherwise a redemption fee of $2.50 will be charged.
    This fee will be automatically added to the order total. This fee will be waived if at least a 40 PV or 75 PV (depending on the country) Volume order is placed with the Zija Rewards Program purchase.

imagesCAV9C648How Hard is it to Share Zija?

You mean how EASY is it to share Zija?

Zija has created unique tools for people to access their account and to share Zija with others.

NO ONE has made it easier!

Introducing the Zija Life Unlimited Mobile App!
Take this exciting new tool with you to learn more about our company and products, enroll on the go, access your Back Office quickly and easily, connect with the rest of Zija Nation on the app’s social network, share the Moringa message, take advantage of exclusive promotions, and much more.

The Zija Life Unlimited Mobile App is available to download on all Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets*. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Life Unlimited.” It is also available in various languages.

The app is free to use for your first month; after that time, it will require a $10 per month subscription fee. The fee will be charged monthly to the form of payment that we have on file for your Zija account. Profits from the app’s subscription fee will go
toward the The Zija Miracle Foundation, which is providing charitable contributions and aid to various groups and people in need around the world.  When you pay for 3 months in a row, you become one of Zija’s Miracle Foundation.

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