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Heather Hansen talks about weight loss and Zija approx 1:19 min

Listen to Pam Smith speaks of about her daily struggle keeping weight off and how hard it is to say “no to food”. After being frustrated, she decided to try the XM3 Caps.   Testimonial approx 4:28 min

moringa testimonials “There are no miracles when it comes to nutrition, but I certainly understand why Moringa is called the Miracle Tree. As a physician, I am excited by the new shift from disease treatment to health promotion. With the remarkable Moringa plant I am convinced we have a powerful tool to optimize our nutrition and, therefore, our overall well-being.”

—Robert C. Stone, D.O.

“Why Zija? It was easy! When I found out that this beverage was 100% natural and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients to improve a person’s health, I wanted to try it and offer it to my family and patients. Zija is a product that I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation.”

— Dr. Roiketa M. Strand, B.S., D.C.

“Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory support that Zija naturally offers. My energy levels are through the roof, and I sleep better because of the Zija product.”

— Jayson Swain

“With the Help of the XM+, SmartMix, & the AM pills I have been able to sleep better, Run/Jog Stronger, Get rid of that 9/10 am “I wish I were still in bed” feeling at work, lose that tummy I have been wanting to for years, and most of all FEEL FANTASTIC all day long!!! Thanks to Zija and its creators I am part of a fantastic organization!”

— Melissa


The very first day I started taking XM3 it began to make a difference for me.
*I am no longer feeling completely void of energy by mid-day.
*I am feeling fuller on less food.
*I am no longer craving junk food in between meals.

— Heather Graham

“15 lbs in 7 weeks, 25 lbs more to go!”

— Debbie J

“I’m down 107 lbs in 7 months from the XM3 products.  From 350+ to about 247ish… I just want to walk around with my shirt off lol.”

— K.D. M

Zija Smart Drink and Mix Testimonials

“I started drinking Zija in December of 2008. Within 2 months I started feeling better. Thank you Russ Bianchi! My husband is a preacher, a farmer but no longer drives a school bus. We take no prescription drugs.”

— Sue U

“I have been drinking Zija for 16 months and have noticed great results with myself. I sleep much better and feel more rested.  I am active and workout about five times a week my recovery is much faster. I feel like my overall health is as good as it has been in many years and I know Zija is going to keep me much healthier and help me to prevent many health issues. I look forward to getting up each day and drinking life in.”

— Scott S

“My goal was to regain some energy and be healthier. My doctor was amazed and so was I. My husband lost 2 inches in his waist after just six weeks. We both have more energy.”

— Debbie F


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