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xmBurn zijaXMBurn – Revolutionizing Your Weight Management Goals

Product Description: TURN UP THE HEAT!

These advanced thermogenic caps combine natural herbs, including Moringa oleifera, with cutting-edge scientific expertise in a convenient daily capsule. XMburn works to temporarily increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and help you make smarter food choices to lose unwanted pounds and maintain a healthier weight.

When we consume calories, our body has two options: (1) Burn those calories into energy; (2) Convert those calories into fatty acids that are stored in our adipose cells as fat.

Because of the sedentary lifestyle that many of us live, our metabolism is low. This means that our body decides to store a higher percentage of consumed calories as fat rather than burning them. Although an individual may be eating very few calories, those calories are still prone to be stored rather than burned, resulting in an increased weight and body fat percentage.


Zija’s formulation team has identified certain natural compounds that provide metabolic benefits immediately and more effectively. These isomers are the mirror image of molecules that are much more rare, but that are often easily recognized by an individual’s cellular receptors. This scientific breakthrough has allowed Zija’s XMburn to become a new market leader in weight management capsules.


Another major component of XMburn is an extract enriched with catechins, specifically the catechin Epigallocatechin gallate, or ECGC. Catechins are extremely powerful antioxidants that have been shown, when effectively combined with other natural ingredients, to help individuals better reach their weight loss and management goals.


While XMburn has been shown to increase metabolism, this increase is temporary and is best achieved with an overall increase in basal metabolic rate. Coupling XMburn with strenuous exercise will help individuals achieve a more effective and permanent increased metabolism.

XMburn Benefits

  • Zija’s formulation team has identified and integrated several naturally occurring compounds into XMburn that help individuals better harness their energy and control their appetite.
  • The catechin Epigallocatechin gallate, or ECGC, is a powerful antioxidant found in XMburn that helps individuals better reach their weight loss and management goals.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 15mg, Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) 50µg, Natural Caffeine 180mg

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend (N-Acetyl Cysteine, Green Tea Extract (60% EGCG), Moringine HCl, Hordenine HCl), Natural Caffeine, Trimethylglycine, Advantra Z®, Synephrine HCl, Ginseng, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Evodiamine, Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12), Yohimbine, Dendrobium, Gelatin Capsule.

Directions For Use: Adults take two (2) capsules, preferably before exercise, on an empty stomach. Consuming late in the day may impair sleep. Do not take more than four (4) capsules per day.

NOTE: XMTurbo has replaced XMBurn for Canadian Customers.

ask-the-scientist_smallOctober 2013 | XMburn: Revolutionizing Your Weight Management Goals

Many of you have already seen or heard about the amazing results that people are experiencing with XMburn in just the first few weeks since it was released. My inbox, voicemail and social media pages are being filled with people expressing gratitude for and excitement about the amazing results they are seeing. To speak frankly, XMburn is revolutionizing the weight management industry, giving people the results they want and changing lives.

We’ve combined newly discovered compounds, natural ingredients, and cutting-edge scientific processes to deliver the XMburn proprietary blend, which maximizes the three pinnacles of weight management: 1) thermogenic output, 2) focus, and 3) appetite suppression.

Increased Thermogenic Output

Slight increases in metabolic rate can dramatically help individuals toward reaching their target weight. Metabolic rate is the measure of energy expenditure required to complete a specific activity, and can be compared to the type of engine in a car. Some individuals are living with a 500 HP engine, while others are driving with only 150 HP. The 500 HP engine consumes much more energy and has the ability to function at a higher speed than the 150 HP one. Similarly, while some individuals’ metabolism is functioning at the 150 HP level, they are fueling it as if it were 500 HP, causing their body to store that extra fuel as fat.

Zija’s XMburn capsules utilize natural compounds to increase individual metabolic rate; in essence, it provides the ability to function with an extra 50 HP. This in turn delivers more energy and allows them to burn the extra fuel that they have stored to complete their activities. With this increased metabolic rate, individuals will experience greater heat expenditure, which feels like an increase in body temperature followed by a colder sensation as the sweat evaporates.

Enhanced Focus

Too often we eat not because we are hungry, but because our minds wander toward the food sitting in our fridge or office desk. Many people admit to eating out of boredom more than out of a need for necessary fuel.

Understanding the potential that we have to lower our caloric intake by increasing our focus, Zija has utilized botanicals that do just that. By focusing more effectively, we can complete the task at hand without a wandering mind and, eventually, wandering to the fridge.

Appetite Suppression

We are eating too much! The average person today consumes between 300-500 more calories per day than he or she did just 30 years ago. These numbers add up to big problems when this occurs day after day. Every 3,500 extra calories in our diet means adding up to 1 lb. of fat every week to our waistlines! By simply decreasing the amount of food that we consume, we can more effectively utilize our energy reserves – our fat cells – to fuel our body’s needs.

XMburn helps decrease appetite throughout the day. This allows an individual’s fat reserves to be more readily available, using fat as fuel to feed off of.

So what is the best way to maximize Zija’s XMburn in your weight management program? XMburn is best when taken in the morning, which allows maximum benefits throughout the day. Additionally, to prevent yourself from becoming tolerant to the effects of XMburn, it is best to alternate monthly with Zija’s XMam Caps.

XMburn truly is transforming lives with the ability to naturally jump-start weight loss and management. This new product will be a vital component in building your business by delivering the rapid and effective results people are looking for.

New Product Success Stories

Since the recent launch of Zija’s new XMburn and Daily Tea products, testimonials and success stories have been piling in! Here is just a sampling of what people are saying so far:

“I started taking XMburn & Daily Tea upon returning from Zija Summit 2013. After 7 days, I had lost 10 lbs. and a pant size. I immediately noticed how much better my focus was and the energy is insane! The appetite suppression really works. I was eating less, but not starving myself, and just felt full. I was skeptical but when you follow a simple system, you get results!” – Chris Taylor

“I started taking the XMburn pill on Wednesday. The following Saturday morning I weighed myself and, to my surpise, I had lost 8 pounds in only 4 days! Wow! This thing is amazing! It’s burning off the weight that I was struggling to get rid of. I love XMBurn!” – Dwight Roysdon

“With new XMburn and Daily Tea, I’m losing weight and gaining muscle faster than ever – WOW!” – Shawanda Vickers

“I bought XMburn at Zija Summit 2013 on October 12th, and since taking daily I have lost 10 pounds. I do not have much of an appetite, also lots of energy, and I have noticed that my mood has been very positive. I have a weight loss goal of 70 pounds.” – Richard Geyer

“I have been using the Zija Weight Management System for 8 months and lost a total of 17 pounds; however, I had reached a plateau in my weight loss and was at a standstill. Thanks to XMburn, I’ve lost 8 lbs. since I started on Oct 13th. I also have increased energy and appetite control. Thanks Zija, XMburn is amazing!” – Betty Riggs

“I started taking XMburn the first day it was available. I had already lost 30+ lbs. on the Zija Weight Management System, but still had about 10 to go in the stubborn area of the belly! Well in 2 weeks I have lost 10 Pounds and 2 Inches off my waist by taking 1 XMburn daily! I love this product!” – Dave Kirtley

“I added XMburn to my nutrition system after purchasing it at Zija Summit 2013. After only one week I lost 8 pounds and gained a ton of confidence! It is just what my body and mind were craving. I haven’t been able to focus like this and have this much energy in years! It is insane amazing how remarkable this product is!” – Joy Melton

fat A little Information about Thermogenesis

Metabolic optimizers are supposed to aid weight loss through a process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a natural process in which fat is burned to produce body heat. Fat that isn’t burned is stored on the hips, thighs, stomach, etc. Thermogenic agents are designed to counteract your body’s fat storage mechanisms by causing your body to maintain a higher metabolic rate-turning your internal thermostat up to burn fat faster. The thermogenic process can be jump-started by a number of factors including cold, exercise, food and dietary supplements. With thousands of thermogenic supplements on the market today, it can become very confusing. Most thermogenesis products can and will content the same ingredients, just in different mg. Remember, thermogenesis will not only increase the metabolism, but are stimulates. The success for weight loss is to find a thermognic product that is strong enough to curb your appetite, speeds up the metabolism so you will burn more calories, create heat so you burn more fat, but will not give you the unwanted side effects such as: jitteriness, nervousness, or heart palpitations. Higher dosage does not mean faster weight loss, just more side effects. Always remember these three cautions: 1) drink more water (because of the heat factor), 2) do not skip meals (because of the low blood sugar), and 3) do not take late at night (because them will keep you awake).

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